Making Your Website Safe for Online Buyers with the Qualys SECURE Seal

Making Your Website Safe for Online Buyers with the Qualys SECURE Seal

00:02, February 22 2011

By Qualys

The number one concern of internet users is that a website will keep personal information safe and secure. Toward this end, many users look for a website to display a third party seal as evidence of security.

Using a website seal is a good idea. But providing true website security requires more than just a seal - it also requires using several kinds of security controls managed by a security program to back the seal's promise. Merchants can choose from many kinds of web site seals, but only a comprehensive security seal can fulfill all key requirements for web site security.

Qualys SECURE Seal is a service that allows businesses of all sizes to regularly scan their websites for the presence of malware, network and web application vulnerabilities, and validation of the site's authenticity. Once a website passes these four comprehensive security scans, the Qualys SECURE Seal service generates a trustmark seal for display on the merchant website.

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